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Hull Nutrition is a lifestyle brand based on Cindy Hull, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP). Nutritional Therapy uses a holistic, whole food, nutrition-based approach to address health problems and promote wellness. I started working with Cindy at the conception of her business to build her brand, marketing strategy, website, and design print and digital collateral.

the project

Cindy was very clear that she wanted her brand to be separated from the "hippy" "laid-back" stereotype, that can fall on alternative medicine practitioners, and present herself as "professional" and "clinical".  With this in mind, I built the brand style guidelines on the themes of minimal, clean, professional, and clinical. I chose a bright and soothing color scheme of blues and greens, and a soft/modern serif header font paired with a modern sans serif paragraph font, to support the brand themes. 

In designing the logo I incorporated the brand style elements with a symbolic reference to Nutritional Therapy, as grounding image that circles back to the focus of the business. The five lines in the logo represents the Five Pillars of Health, a core NTP philosophy that "Nature is the best pharmacy".


With the logo in place, I then developed the marketing message that Hull Nutrition provides "simple, tailor-made solutions that make you look and feel great". With Cindy's lifestyle as the proven method for success, I built, designed, and wrote content for the the website and print collateral to extend the brand and brand message.

In creating buyer personas it was discovered that people generally struggle with adopting a better food lifestyle, even when their health is on the line. To help overcome this problem I created a blog content calendar that would tackle persona obstacles and move the target audience into leads and clients.

The work done for Hull Nutrition has been very successful. Through the website, I have gained additional NTP clients who needed help launching their nutrition businesses as well!

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