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megan stanton

intentional design approach


Every client and project is unique, with specific goals to be reached. As a designer I work hard to understand your vision, so that together, we can bring the message to life through beautiful and effective design.

My design aesthetic is clean, contemporary, sophisticated, and timeless. With a studio art degree, and over seven years of design/marketing experience, I create brand focused design that has direction, purpose, and goals to expand business opportunities. This collaborative approach brings ideas to life and makes them work for your business.

As an artist I use my creativity and education to make ideas (the what) beautiful. However, I am also very technical, which allows me to put the creative part aside, and think about the why and the how. With this nice balance, I have learned how to take an idea, focus it, and build design around the vision.

my creative process, from concept to completion


The first thing I like to do is understand the objective of the project. It helps me to know what the design is intended to accomplish. Understanding that the project is not about me as an artist, but rather a collaborative function that has over arching goals, I try and take my agenda out of the results.

With an understanding of the end goal, I put a design board together with themes, color schemes, fonts, etc. Once I have this foundation in place, I start designing the project with the brand and goals as the center focus.

I create a draft that is generally comprised of 2-3 design options for a project manager to review. Then I prepare myself to work with the manager, or team, to fine tune the design (if not several times) until it is finalized and set to accomplish the goals.

design & marketing experience

Branding and branding materials

Digital and print communications

Website design, content, and strategy
Blog management and content creation and strategy
Email campaigns design and management
Print and digital marketing and advertising
Social media management 
3-Dimensional projects

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